Tinkerbell lives on the World’s Highest Hill.

z tinkerbell 1

This is my cousin Tinkerbell. She lives with Uncle Johnny and Aunt Lisa on The Worlds Highest Hill.

I am Gus. I gots a letter from my cousin Tinkerbell. She lives in Oklahoma with my Uncle Johnny and my Aunt Lisa. She lives in a house on the World’s Highest Hill. I too like hills if Jims or Mama Becky carries me up.

0 1 1 Road to up the highest hill in the world

This is the road to the top of The World’s Highest Hill. I would go up… if a big people would carry me. I am little.

The hill is called Cavanal Hill. A French poodle friend of mine told me that Cavanal is from the French poodle language and means caves. Uncle Johnny told Tinkerbell that there used to be lots of caves there, but they were all gone now from falling in. I too don’t like caves… or falling in. I am little. Tinkerbell, too is little. She is Chihuahuas, Maltese and some other little dogg kind.

0 2015-02-18 16.53.11

Here’s the top of Cavanal Hill close to Tinkerbell’s house.

Jims told me that a long time ago some peoples from England who do geography measured how high the hill was. They said it was 1,999 feet tall but couldn’t be called a mountain because it wasn’t 2,000 feet tall. That’s really big to a Chihuahuas dogg. I am only eleven inches tall.

Jims told me that some peoples say that the story is bull, but I knows that the bulls are down in the valley in the town. The town is called Poteau. That is French poodle language too. It means post, like a fence post or trading post. I too like posts if I can’t find a fire plug. French poodle people must have lived there a long time ago.

0 1 1 Standing Bull BYO_6633

This bull is dressed like an Indian. He lives in the Choctaw Nation where Poteau and Cavanal is. He has a map of the Indian lands in Oklahoma on his back. His is a standing bull. I wonder if he is related to Sitting Bull. I too like his spear and map. I too like Standing Bull and Sitting Bull.

The bulls are all along the streets of the town. They are painted with different colors and pictures. I too like the ones with blue on them ‘cause I’m a dog and can’t see reds. Mama Becky sees reds, especially when I have an accident on the floor. I too don’t think I wants to sees reds.

0 1 1 Bull and Cavanal BYO_6827

Here is a bull with Cavanal in the background. He looks like a cowboy bull. He needs a hat.

0 1 nerd bull at library 2 BYO_6627

This is a nerd bull. I think he lives at the library.

0 1 1 Bull and flag BYO_6785

Here is a patriotic bull. He has red, white and blue. I likes blues and whites ’cause doggs can’t see reds.

0 1 1 1 Watson Motors 2

Here is a mean looking bull. I’ll bet he sees red… like Mama Becky when I messes up the carpet. Doggs only sees blues, but Mama Becky can sees red.

Poteau and Cavanal are in eastern Oklahoma. That’s near Fort Smith in Arkansas. A few years ago Jims’ grandfather lived there. He says it was the wild west in those days. Lots of outlaws that the law would dogg. I don’t know what dogging by the law means. I guess it means wagging your tail a lot and maybe a few licks, too.

I would like to go see Tinkerbell and go up on the Highest Hill in the World. I bet you could see Dogg City Kansas from there.

I gives Tinkerbell and Cavanal and Poteau four paws. I too like all of them.

Dog printDog printDog printDog print


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Gus (Gus Doggy Dogg)

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