I likes to ride in the car… but I falls asleep!

I am Gus.  I too like to rides in the car.  When Mama Becky gets her purse, I runs to my dogg carrier and jumps in.  Sometimes she fools me and only gets her lipstick or pictures or phone out of her purse.  I still runs to my carrier.

z Gus at Walmart sm

I rides in my carrier when I goes to Walmart*.  I rides in the shopping cart.  Some big peoples call it a “buggy,” but I calls it a rolly-ride-thingy.  Sometimes I barks a people at Walmart*, and Mama Becky say, “No, no, Gus!  Don’t barks at people at Walmart*.”  But, Jims say, “Gus, sometimes there are big peoples at Walmart* that just need barking at.”

z Gus at Clarys 1 sm

I rides in my carrier when I go to restaurants, like when I went to Clary’s Cafe.  I too likes Clary’s ’cause they give me treats and I see other doggs eating treats there.

z Mary Horan and gus P1330164

And I rides in my carrier when I went to Cancun Restaurant and Miss Mary scratched my chin.  I too like chin scratches.  I too like Cancun and Miss Mary.  ‘Cause she brings me tortilla chips.  I too like tortilla chips.  They remind me of the old country.

z Gus n bone

Sometimes I rides in the car and chews on my great-big cow bone that Ms. Ashley gave me at Blowin Smoke BBQ.  It gives me a dogg snack… and probably will for a long, long time.

z Sleeping Gus 2 sm

But, I has a problem when I rides in the car, in my carrier, ‘cause I gets really sleepy.  I too like to sleep, almost as much as I likes treats… almost, but not quite.   And, I tries to keep my eyes open to see what’s going on…

z Sleeping Gus 1 sm

But I always falls asleep… ’cause I too like to rides in the car.

I gives riding in the car four paws, Dog printDog printDog printDog print ’cause I too really likes riding in the car.

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Gus (Gus Doggy Dogg)

Gus logo 2

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