Gus goes to a wedding

I am Gus.  I went to a weddings in a park.  Miss Blake got married in a little gaze-bo house.  Some people say the little house was given to the city by an actor named Burt Reynolds.  I think maybe he may have given a street too, ’cause there is a street named Reynolds… but maybe not.  I don’t know much about weddings ‘cause I don’t even has a girlfriend.  I am only six months old.  Am I old enough to has a girlfriend?

Gus at a wedding

I went to a wedding for Miss Blake in Whitfield Square in Savannah. I thought her dogg, Flo, would be there. She wasn’t.

Miss Blake looked really pretty when she was getting married.  My buddy, Morgie, took pictures and she didn’t take any of me.  That’s unusual.

Wedding in Whitfield Square

Mr. Larry, Miss Blake’s dad, was the minister.

The wedding was in Whitfield Square.  Jims told me that this is one of the last squares that was laid out.  It is a divide line because when there was a war that was civil happened half the square hads houses and the other side didn’t.  If you knows houses… and I don’t… you can see the difference in them.

But, the square is really pretty for weddings.  Miss Blake chose a good place for her wedding.  I like this square.  When I grows up maybe I’ll get married here.  But, I’m not in a hurry.  I is little.  I am only six-months old.  I too think I likes weddings.  I too like treats.

Love, Gus

Gus Selfie

Here is another selfie that I did. I think I’m doing pretty good.

I too likes weddings in squares.  I gives them three paws.

Dog printDog printDog print

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Gus (Gus Doggy Dogg)

Gus logo 2



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