Me when I wakes up.  My ear flops.  Jim calls it bed-head.  I too have bed-head.

My lifes story.  It’s short because I am stills little, but I have had fun so far.

Gus 'n' BearThis is me and Bear. I too love Bear. He is my bestest friend. We play in the floor. He doesn’t say much, but I stills love Bear. Please follow my page for doggy reviews of places where I travel. Bear too goes with me… sometimeses.

I am Gus.  I write the travel dog blogg for kids and big peoples.  I writes about history and places I goes.  I tells Jim what to say and he types for me.  My pads are too small to type… and I can’t read because I’m a dogg.   I am eleven inches tall.  I am a Chihuahuas dogg.  I have merle markings with one browns eye and one half-blues and half browns eye.

I was born on October 31st 2017, so I haves the same birthday as a lady named Juliette Gordon Low. She started the Girl Scouts of America.  We were born in the same town, Savannah, Georgia.  She makes cookies.  I too like cookies and Girl Scouts.   I am fifteen weeks old.  I was part of a puppy rescue before I was born.  My dog mama was saved from an illegal puppy mill.  I was too.  I was in mama’s tummy.  After I was born Jim and Mama Becky adopted me.  I am very happy.  I sleeps a lot.  I plays a lot.  I sleeps some more.  I eat good dogg food when I am hungry and I gets to go places with Jims and Mama Becky.

0 1 Gus' first car ride.jpg

Me during my first car ride with my new parents, Jims and Mama Becky.  I too like car rides.

When Jim and Mama Becky adopted me, things changed for them.  Mama Becky says it is like having a baby people.  She goes to Walmart, I goes to Walmart.  She goes for rides in the car, I goes for rides in the car.  I calls it the Gus Bus.

I likes to go in the car because some times we goeses to restaurants.  But, now Jim and Mama Becky haves to find doggy friendly restaurants.  Now I post and blog about if I like them or not.  I usually like them.  I too likes people food when Jim slips it to me when Mama Becky isn’t looking.

Watch for my dogg travels, history and reviews.  For my firstest blogg I went to Clary’s restuarant.  I too like Clary’s.  I goes to other dogg friendly places.  Watch for other bloggs.

Thank you.  Please likes and follow.  I will licks you if I see you.


Gus (Gus Doggy Dogg)




5 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is so much fun ~ Gus, you keep on writing about ALL your adventures and make sure you keep Mama Becky and Papa Jim on their toes!


  2. Love this Blogg! Gus has more fun that I do. Can’t wait to read about Gus’s next adventure. Really???Dr. Bink??? Sounds like a children’s TV show! But I hear he is a wonderful Vet. Maybe I should visit Dr. Bink. All my doctors tell me to go home, get use to your new normal, and don’t come back because I can’t help you. Do they give me treats? NOT! (Wonder if Dr. Bink accepts humans!)


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